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Every business problem that exists is the result of one area of the company out of balance with another.


All solutions can be found by putting the company into balance with itself.
Balance the company and you will solve the problem.

Signs Your Company is Out of Balance

You are Stressed

  • Your business just brings you stress and you want out
  • You work hard but you don’t feel like your business is getting traction
  • Employee morale is low and your best people are leaving
  • You fight with your business partner or your spouse about the business
  • You feel like you can never take a vacation from your business
  • It feels like most of your employees just “punch a clock”

You have Money Problems

  • Revenues keep rising but you don’t see any of that money come home to you
  • Debts are rising faster than your revenue
  • You can never seem to build up 3 months cash reserves in the bank
  • The bank seems to be keeping closer tabs on your business
  • You almost didn’t make payroll within the last 12 months
  • You are so afraid of debt that you are missing out on great opportunities

You have an Uncertain Future

  • You are almost ready to retire with no real plan for the business
  • Your business is in decline
  • Your business has plateaued and growth is at a snail’s pace
  • Competition is starting to beat your company up
  • Your business owns your life and you don’t know how to change the problem
  • If you sell your business, you won’t really get what it is worth

What Kanketa Systems Give You

Balance in Business

We can help you on your journey toward balance and success in your business.

Balance in Finances

We can help you on your journey toward balance and success with your money.

Balance for Your Future

We can help you on your journey toward balance and success in your business by road-mapping a future where your business can run itself.

Balance in Life

Done right, implementing Kanketa will not just change your business, it will change your life.

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