Learn About KANKETA = Your Journey in Balance



All small business owners will enjoy personal financial freedom as they define it, affording them to work passionately in their businesses by choice, not from need.


The key word is all. All races, All colors and creeds. All socioeconomic walks of life. All whose visions, ideas, skills and expertise can make the world… A better place!


We transform small businesses into high performing companies

  By ensuring that all Kanketa certified companies maintain the latest and highest standards of the products and services they provide for the clients they serve through the

  • Cohesion
  • Clarity
  • Communication
  • Constancy

of their owners, business leaders, employees and shareholders


What we value is the air that flows through each room in the Kanketa House of Value.


All else follows.


Say what you do. Do what you say.


Have honor for others Along the way.


All Else Follows.

12 Guiding Principles of Kanketa


Maintain a Flat Organization Market for Potential
Achieve Financial Balance Invite Relationships Negotiate Orders
Make One Profitably Satisfy Every Transaction
Make One Error-Free Keep Customers for Life
Make Many Efficiently Lead from the Center
Lead People Manage Things Safety First. Profit Second

KANKETA GLOBAL SYSTEMS is the worldwide licensing and certification bureau for all Kanketa practitioners. Kanketa is the only known professional small business management program that produces a specific, measurable financial improvement in all eight departments of a small company while holding it in balance to avoid slippage.


Mike Wolf founded Kanketa from the knowledge he learned in his own “crucible” of small business ownership.  The journey began in 1965 in Milwaukee leading to what is today the 12 guiding principles of Kanketa. At the time, it was painfully apparent that the purity of Kanketa that worked so well for the Japanese and other Asian countries would demand Westernization. Over the last 52 years, Mr. Wolf owned twenty-three companies of every type, size and description. He made his businesses his experiments and documented case studies. His employees were the trial and error people who helped along the way to prove out the various systems and processes. During that time, he served as a consultant and speechwriter to the CEOs and senior executives of over 300 of global Fortune 1,000 companies. In all those years, he was privileged to work side by side with 72 top executives of those companies as they contributed tirelessly and willingly to what ultimately became today’s global version of Michael’s Kanketa methodology.  While the Kanketa management system works for any type of company, it was always primarily intended for owners of small businesses with 1 to 30 employees. Its methods and practices are making tremendous differences in the lives of small business owners throughout American communities and in other countries as well.

“Every business problem that has ever existed is the result of one area of a company out of balance with another.   All solutions can be found by putting the company into balance with itself.   Balance the company And you will solve the problem.”
Mike Wolf

Founder, Kanketa Global Systems

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