There are four critical tools that immediately accelerate the growth, profitability and  safety of a small business. This formula is exactly what makes big companies big. In just one hour a week for four weeks, you will never again look at your business in the same way… guaranteed!


In Balance Your Business with Basic Fouryou will learn the proven formulas that give you answers to these and many other critical questions that make the difference between a low performing company and a successful one.

“Is my business set up to make a profit?
“Am I actually making a profit?”
“How much profit do I make? If so, where is it?”
“How do I know for sure?”
“Where can I get money for my business?
“How much should I pay myself?”
“How much should I pay my people?”
“How much should I reinvest in my business?”
“When can I afford to reinvest?”
“What should my business expenses be?”
“How much credit should I give to my customers?”
“Can’t this get easier? Why am I still struggling?”

Every business owner should know the answers to these and other critical questions before trying to grow their companies.

Effective. Powerful. Immediate.

One hour a week for four weeks, can change your life.

Every business problem that exists is the result of one area of the company out of balance with another.

All solutions can be found by putting the company into balance with itself. Balance the company and you will solve the problem.