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If you currently own a small business of 1 to 30 employees, or are thinking of becoming a small business owner, Kanketa is for you. If you have ever experienced the frustrations of being in business for yourself, read on.

We have worked with some very large companies and while it’s nice to have big companies under your belt, it’s CRITICAL to have small businesses as your clients.  Kanketa incubated while the team was working with global Fortune 1000 companies.  Yet small companies are the backbone of a nation and entrepreneurs the backbone of those companies.  We are small business owners too, and we are proud to be counted among those who built up our country through our businesses, that is why we are here to help you.


How do other people make running a business look easy, yet I find it so hard?

During our own journeys we found ourselves asking the question, “How do other people make running a business look easy, yet I find it so hard?”  After years of “just getting by,” we found the privilege to work with several Japanese companies and learned they have a completely different way of looking at how a business should be run.  When we translated how they run business, our lives became easier and our businesses became more successful.

After years of learning, documenting, implementing, then training others, we slowly figured out how to take these Japanese principals along with some of the lessons we learned from big business and translate it all into something that actually works for small businesses.  Even better, we found we could still use the unique strengths of American Entrepreneurs and get even better results than what we have seen almost anywhere else in the world.


Results with Kanketa

While results vary depending upon your commitment to the processes, we find our average client can, in about four years, see their company:

  • Double in margin
  • Triple in profit
  • Quadruple in Value

Again, your results will vary. More often than not your results will be based on how much effort you invest to implement the Kanketa systems within your business.

“Back in the day,” our parents lived in an era where rolling up your sleeves, respect for debt and credit, buy only what you can afford, and bank loans were executed with a handshake. Our parents rarely had any business education; they just figured it out as they went. Our generation of business owners has gotten their post-grad education by Google and YouTube, and often we don’t know what questions to ask until a problem arises. After years of guesswork and simply accepting any Google information, we can finally get back to verifying our performance using some tools that we can trust”

Clark and Nancy Crosby

Cell Sync Health Sciences

But My Business is Unique!

Routinely we hear: “How can you help me? You don’t know my business.”

Without ever having met you, we can bet you we could hop into your car and drive downtown and back.  Do you think we could successfully drive your car?  Chances are, you would say yes. But why? After all, we don’t even know what kind of car you have.  Do you have a Honda Civic or a Cadillac, a Tesla Model S or a Ford F-350 Platinum?

We can drive your vehicle because we invested time and money to learn how to drive – although, not necessarily to drive your specific vehicle.

Regardless of the specific features of your automobile, the driving rules are all the same. After decades of driving all types of businesses, we promise you we know how to drive yours too. The operating rules are the same for all businesses and that is why we consistently see excellent results for those who invest the time to implement the Kanketa Systems.  The principals work with businesses of EVERY size and every type.  If you were wondering, we work mostly with small businesses because we just find the most personal satisfaction in working with entrepreneurs and small business owners like you.

Not Magic and Not Rocket Science

How does an electrician become really good at what he or she does?  A little bit of the right training and a lot of hard work makes for a great electrician. How about a plumber?  A little bit of the right training and a lot of hard work makes for a great plumber.  How about a business owner?  A little bit of the right training and a lot of hard work makes for a great business owner.

What would happen if electricians only went to plumber’s school, how well would they do?  Not well, right?  The same thing is going on with most American business owners.  They get their training from a professor who has never run a business in their life or even worse, the business owner turns to Google for business advice.  Allow us to help you eliminate your stress and send you to the right “school.”  We promise you will find training that will make your business more profitable every time we get together.

Are you ready to being a journey to transform your business?

The Kanketa management method is by far the best solution for the retirement of small business owners. I never heard of “leasing your business” rather than selling it. Now, I find myself funding the lease programs. Unbelievable!”

Gabriel Hernandez

Genesis Financial Services

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