From where we sit, we constantly see our manufacturing colleagues overlooking, and not understanding the pending danger that their businesses are facing. Kanketa methods are long overdue for all of us

Ed and Bev Puzia

South Carolina

Sadly, the bulk of the today’s business training comes from Google and UTube. It is rare that people know the questions to ask, until it’s too late. Kanketa is a game changer for the Health Sciences Industry.

Nancy Crosby


Simply put, Kanketa is changing the meaning of Community Outreach, bringing new hope to our challenged communities in ways we could never imagine. Kanketa is allowing us to heal from within.

David King


I believe that Kanketa is the best road map for creating, maintaining and growing a successful business. It certainly is in my case.

Richard Scheel

Today’s business owners are not adequately prepared or trained by parents who had no training. Our parents rarely had good business education. They just figured it out as they went.
This specific, no-guesswork approach helps me to view and measure the performance of my business, with less stress, and more personal time.

Jody M Bode

Asset Management Director, Minnesota

For many years I worked in companies that used Toyota methods and Lean principles, yet no matter how we improved the organizations, there always seemed to be one or another piece of the puzzle missing. Kanketa finally brings all of the puzzle pieces together in a systemic way to be one complete and coherent whole transforming average businesses into high performing companies and has given my company focus and energy.

Jeff Serafin

Just in the nick of time. As a funds Analyst we have a whole new look at our clients through the lens of Kanketa. This is holding up severals deals that might have caught us blindsighted.

Gabriel Hernandez

Long Island, NY

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